I opened up an Etsy shop this year, and I find it to be a real challenge!

I am discouraged with my Etsy shop (0 sales), but I realize I don’t put much effort into it. So, before I give up, I’m going to work at it every day. Etsy’s Seller’s Guide seems to be the most logical place to start. I plan to implement what I learn there to hopefully generate some traction!

I have found many people out there selling their how-to’s and guides, but I can’t afford that. I’m very interested to see if following what Etsy suggests will help with my sales.

Today, I started working on Key Words and specifically, tags. I think this is something that I will have to study over time to see what is working for me. I learned some things I could do right away from reading the article, like getting rid of one-word tags and using phrases.

I’ve also added a page here on my website that showcases some of my listings.

I will give more updates along the way!

~ Val

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